My Peat Moss Analogy

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  We are all like peat moss. I know, odd analogy. But in Scotland, the ancient home of my ancestors, the peat bogs are numerous and have been part of the people’s lives since the dawn of time. Anciently, even as now, much light, heat and progress came from the burning of peat moss in […]

Working with the Stars

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Working with the Stars

In the last thirty years I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the best – and best known – actors and actresses in Hollywood. Even though for the most part, it wasn’t in Hollywood. It was here in Utah. But then, Utah is kind of Hollywood North with Sundance, Redford and all the […]


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I’ve given a lot of thought to what I should address in this weblog (that’s where the word “blog” comes from by the way) And I’ve pretty much decided that it will be whatever strikes me as essential in giving the reader what will help you the most in realizing showbiz dreams. In my case, […]

How did you get into film?

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How did you get into film?

For the first installment of my blog, I’m answering that question. It’s the one thing I’m asked most often, “how did you get started?” The short answer is I got fired from my regular job the year I turned forty. Yup. Tossed out. I was working at the local NBC affiliate on a “magazine” type […]