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I should apologize. I thought doing a “blog” every week would be a piece of cake. It’s not. I keep running out of ideas that I think people in or out of the movie biz would enjoy.

I realize that people (most people) don’t want to know about screenwriting or movies (although I have a lot of stories about both). I know they are interesting stories and I’ll tell you a few but I’ve decided once a month for a blog is sufficient. It’s not like anyone has written and asked where the blog is this week anyway? So, I thought I’d vent on the day that we all choose another Congress (the last one did so well).

Today is election day and I pondered the outcome as I always do. I’m not so naïve as to think that we will hire the “best” people for the position. That really isn’t possible anymore, I don’t think, because the “best” people don’t run. But people and nations must be ruled by something, or there is anarchy. Either it is God, or secular laws that control our baser natures.

I think we are out of control as we pursue happiness through prosperity in the false hope money and things will satisfy. The problem with prosperity is that one is never satisfied. Think about it, if things satisfied, wouldn’t Americans be the most satisfied people on Earth Previous generations had less and yet seemed to have more of what matters: more character; more virtue; more contentment, all of it reinforced by parents, clergy and, for the most part, culture  In our day, materialism has become a false god we worship in the vain hope it will bring peace. In our conspicuous consumption we are self-immolating and the fuel is materialism. … Israel’s King David warned, ‘The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.’ (Psalm 12:8). Can’t say we haven’t been warned.”

So, as you vote today (and about 40% of you won’t) think about what we have become. Maybe we can turn it around. I vote every year and am pretty much disappointed every year by what I’ve helped vote into office. Maybe it’s time we all start looking in the mirror and deciding “who we are, really.”


  1. Jared Green
    December 7, 2014

    The majority of God’s Children have been serfs, slaves, or subjects. Today in the United States they are Republicans and Democrats. Man is an interesting creature. Even Israel could only handle “self rule” for a couple hundred years before they told the Lord’s prophet Samuel they wanted a King. Halfway through the BOM a righteous King Mosiah thought the people were righteously evolved enough to handle self rule with the Reign of the Judges. As long as they were righteous they did.

    I am a recovering republican. I’ve spent ten years in Utah grass roots politics trying to get good guys to the top of the Repub Party. It will never happen. Washington and Adams warned us against the “spirit of party”. Both parties serve themselves, special interests, and the United Nations Agenda.They have been destroying freedom in our country and others for well over a hundred years because we don’t practice “correct principles of self rule” after we are taught. We have to stand for principle and not party and do our homework. The Federal Government controls each and every states with Bureaucratic Regulation, Income Taxes, Force, and Unlimited Money it has the ability to print or borrow.

    http://scriptures.byu.edu/gettalk.php?ID=1609 Elder Benson “Americans are Destroying America April 1968

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxBcodF8Y7Q Benson “Stand up for Freedom”

    I have a log line for Faith Based politically incorrect movie that still needs a perfect title. I’d love to discuss it. Young people don’t read anymore. You have to “tell stories with pictures”. Jared

    • Craig
      December 17, 2014

      Jared. Would like to read your logline. I get requests every year on “faith-based” pictures. Send it along.


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